What They Say…

Audiobookreviewer.com review of Terror In Appalachia – “the narrator, Ward Paxton performed the audiobook perfectly.  He delivered a performance that was well-timed, expressive and moved the story along.  It is obvious that Paxton performs the action-packed, terrifying tale well.”

Goodreads review of Two Gun Hart – The narrator, Ward Paxton, did a really good job.  His style is low key, like listening to a good storyteller, which makes this book an easy listen.

Birkram’s Reviews of Terror On The Tundra – The narration by Ward Paxton breathes life into the characters and story. It matched very well with the setting and drew me in.

Dab of Darkness review of River City Blues – Ward Paxton makes a really good noir detective.  His voice for Bennie is a bit more gentle than the other cops, but we get Bennie’s inner thoughts, which I felt was appropriate.  Paxton did great with the regional accents of the time and place as well, keeping all the characters distinct.