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Terror in Appalachia by J. Esker Miller
The narrator, Ward Paxton, performed the audiobook perfectly. He delivered a performance that was well-timed, expressive and moved the story along. It is obvious that Paxton performs the action-packed, terrifying tale well.

River City Blues by Ward Howarth
The narrator is excellent, perfectly matched to the tale being recounted by the damaged yet dedicated cop, Benny, in his ongoing search for justice. Ward Paxton’s reading is steady and clear and he voices the other characters distinctly and in such a way as to further give life to the already well drawn characters, real people with shifting attitudes, fears and allegiances.
– Norma’s Reviews

book cover River City Blues, narrated by Ward Paxton
narrated by Ward Paxton

Suddenly Overboard: True Stories of Sailors in Fatal Trouble by Tom Lochhaas.
What an amazing book! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who sails or is interested in sailing. And the way the narrator presented the information made it easily understandable.
– Kayceen, Audible Listener

The Port Fee by Garrett Dennis
The narrator, Ward Paxton, had the authoritative voice of a teacher (in a good way) that made me believe the facts and stories he told. If you ever had a teacher who told you really good stories and who made you believe things and want to hear more, then that’s who I compare this narrator to.
– Audible Listener Review.

book cover Suddenly Overboard:, narrated by Ward Paxton

Werewolves Don’t Cry by Jim Miller
The narrator, Ward Paxton delivers an impressive performance giving each character a unique voice and bringing their personalities to life. His delivery is smooth and authoritative when needed. His performance enhanced the book.
– AudiobookReviewer.com

How Business Can Fight Climate Change by Amir Hegazi

Thank you Ward Paxton for a wonderful job!

-Amir Hegazi, Author